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Healthy communities: tools, guidance, and metrics

Does the world need another toolkit?!

When we think about how to support health in communities and how practitioners in the built environment can ultimately help create healthier developments there seems to be an array of toolkits available.   Yet how do we know which one to use?  It becomes quite difficult to understand which tool is best suited to any given project.  This session chaired by Urban Habitats’ director Mark Drane at the Healthy City Design Congress explored precisely this question.

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Can breathing buildings create a public health revolution?

The Historical Burden of Shared Air and the Future of Indoor Air Quality

What we breathe impacts our health, and with gaps in knowledge about air quality and public health, we need more data in this area.  We also need to consider the implications of Covid-19 which has highlighted that people can themselves generate contaminated air as well as toxins more usually considered in building design.

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A transport vision that shows how we can be…

Cardiff, the capital of and largest city in Wales, has just launched its Transport Vision to 2030: Changing how we move around a growing city.  Just to do what it says on the tin would be ambitious: in fact this vision has the capacity to lead this city much further improving quality of life and reducing inequalities in the city.

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