find health everywhere

whoever your community: learner, innovator, resident, worker

Urban Habitats is a venture, an ambition, an ideal to unite research evidence with strategy and then make it happen.

So whether you are a community of learners, innovators, workers, scientists, residents, or just you, Urban Habitats, has already done a lot of thinking to add to yours; can support you in strategising your vision; and can help make it happen.

health doesn't just happen in hospitals

health doesn't just happen in hospitals

Non-communicable diseases accounted for 28% of all deaths worldwide in 2012.

We know that the risk factors for these diseases are related to the environment around us: lack of physical activity; environmental risks; unhealthy diet to name just three.

With the healthcare and care systems under unprecedented strain why don’t we make use of the assets for health we have right in the heart of our communities – our streets.

Let’s free up these spaces to promote wellbeing.

what would you look for in a healthy place?

let's reunite health with the environment around us

Whether in work, on campus, or in our neighbourhood we’ve lost our ability to choreograph the physical and natural environment around us to support healthy lifestyles. Who has time to think about wellbeing, campuses, neighbourhoods, work environment, or streets when mainly we’re rushing through them from a –> b?

Maybe we assume ‘the experts’ are just getting on with it but actually they haven’t been speaking to each other. This needs addressed in a number of ways but let’s see it happen so that individuals and communities wherever they are take ownership in their environment and find the right way for them to be healthy and happy.