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community sports facilities | business case

Business case development for funding of community sports and leisure facilities in support of an active Community Council in South East Wales. This work involved building on an existing report where further substantiation had been requested by the funding authority in support of an application for allocation of section 106 / planning gain funding.

Urban Habitats analysed previous surveys and conducted interviews with a wide range of community organisations to establish an understanding of potential need from these users and translate that into an investment case for a multi use sports facility to be constructed alongside a separate proposal for a new community centre. This included consideration of the different needs of different sports and groups and the implications for the capital project as a result.

Significant additional demand was identified for community sports including extending young people’s sports. This was then linked, through a consideration of the wider determinants of health to a range of social benefits including the wellbeing goals within the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

The case for investment was produced using the Five Case Business Case model including: a high level non-financial options appraisal; a high level financial options appraisal; identification of a preferred option; and a review of capital and revenue implications. These were supported by community consultation; analysis of previous surveys undertaken; a project budget; a profit & loss projection; and project programme and management considerations. The work was undertaken working with The Urbanists, leading planning consultants who provided a town planning review of the proposals including the significant implications of additional flood lighting on programme and costs.

What we learned from this project is that when speaking directly to the community, new and unexpected needs can arise that help to support the financial viability or impact of a proposal. In this case a group for adolescents and young adults on Friday evenings funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner supported getting people active and also addressing perceptions of antisocial behaviour in the area.